Charity event for action medeor e.V.

At a glance:

  • Takes place from 5.9. to 26.9.2020
  • You can ride the bike, swim and run (including hiking and walking)
  • Use #HealTheWorldVR and on Instagram @action.medeor @runfit_nora @running_steve87 @crowdlauf
  • A cooperation of Nora Biever, Stefan Koblenz and Crowdlauf
  • In favor of the German Medical Aid Organization action medeor e.V.

Quick Links

You can access these pages If you meet the participation requirements.



Punkte­standKilo­meter­standAnzahl Virtual Runs

Every kilometer counts! The more kilometers you and the crowd cover, the more points you score – and the more donations go to action medeor e.V.!

The kilometers you enter will be converted into points depending on the sport:

  • Cycling: 1 km = 1 point
  • Running: 1 km = 4 points
  • Swimming: 1 km = 27 points

In this way we ensure that performances in each sport are equally weighted.

Frequently asked questions

You can choose from running (which includes walking and hiking), swimming and cycling.

Both outdoor and indoor training sessions count (e.g. on a cross trainer in the gym).

Use a GPS watch or app to track your kilometers. After each training session, enter your kilometers and a proof of your mileage (e.g. Instagram post, Strava link etc.) into our online form to get them converted into points.

Please note that your proof must be public.

The Heal The World – Starter Pack includes:

  • the Heal The World Medal
  • your personal Race Bib (PDF)
  • a Certificate (PDF)
  • Access to the closed virtual run are on our website

No, you don’t need one. You can also provide proof of your mileage by uploading a photo directly in the online form instead of posting it on Instagram or Facebook.

Want to know anything else? Contact us by email

The virtual run starter pack

  • Limited Edition

    The starter packs are only available while stocks last.

  • More stuff inside

    Each starter pack includes the exclusive Heal The World medal, your personal race bib, a certificate and access to the closed virtual run area on our website.

  • Donations

    The more kilometers you cover in this virtual run, the more donations go to action medeor e.V.

The virtual run at a glance

All over the world, people are dying of diseases that could be cured. However, in many parts of the world there is a lack of medicines, medical equipment and qualified personnel.

As a Medail Aid Organization, action medeor e.V. is committed to ensuring that medical goods and know-how reach those regions of the world where they are most urgently needed. With the Heal The World Virtual Run we collect donations to support their valuable work.

In this virtual run you can run (this includes walking and hiking), as well as swim and ride your bike.

A point system is used to equally weight the kilometers covered in each discipline:

  • Cycling: 1 km = 1 point
  • Running: 1 km = 4 points
  • Swimming: 1 km = 27 points

The more points you score, the more donations will go to action medeor e.V.

The virtual run takes place from 5. to 26.9.2020.

During this period you can collect kilometers on a daily basis and enter them into the online form.

You can participate from anywhere in the world.

You can join this virtual run if you…

  1. have a Crowdlauf account,
  2. are logged into your account and
  3. have been granted access to the virtual run by purchasing the Heal The World – Starter Pack

This is how the Heal The World Virtual Run works:

  1. Do your work out: Run, swim or ride your bike and collect kilometers for a good cause. Use a sports watch or app to track your distance.
  2. Make a post: When your work out is done, make a post on Instagram, Facebook, or another platform.* Your kilometers must be visible in the photo. Please highlight your Instagram and Facebook Stories so we can access them for more than 24 hours.
  3. Submit your kilometers: Enter your mileage into our online form to get them converted into points. Also add a link to your social media post or story.

* If you don’t use social networks, you can upload your photo directly on our website.

The hashtag for this virtual run is #HealTheWorldVR.

Please also tag @action.medeor @runfit_nora @running_steve87 @crowdlauf to make sure we see your posts.

With our Heal The World Virtual Run we support the German Medical Aid Organization action medeor e.V.

About action medeor

Since 1964, action medeor has supported around 10.000 healthcare facilities in 140 countries all over the world. Medical facilities receive drugs as well as medical equipment and supplies either at cost price or as donations. By buying large quantities action medeor is able to offer high quality products at low prices.

Their aid is supplied in co-operation with different church and secular organizations, religious communities, private initiatives and healthcare centers abroad. Based on many years’ experience, action medeor has built up a comprehensive network of facilities in the healthcare sector.

Further information can be found on

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  3. Stelle dort sicher, dass "Privates Konto" deaktiviert ist.
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